Ryan Phelan

Developer / Creative Technologist

A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Ryan Phelan, a freelance web developer / creative technologist and I’m available for hire.

I’ve been involved in web development and advertising for over a decade and have had the privilege of producing work for brands including Samsung, Under Armour, Diet Coke, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Tums, Gallup, State Farm and OfficeMax.

I specialize in front-end web development (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) using tools like Angular, React and SASS. I do full stack and supporting back-end development with Node.js, PHP, .NET, SQL and MongoDB and have also developed apps in iOS (Swift) and worked on custom kiosks and digital installations. I know how to build and manage industry leading teams and have a passion for process improvement, automation and personal development.

If you are a business or agency in need of development or technology consulting services, get in touch and let’s make it happen.

Ryan Phelan

Featured Work

Skills to Pay the Bills

  • 13.3 years


    Web Development

  • 11.7 years


    Project Architecture

  • 10.9 years


    Leadership & Mentoring

  • 6.4 years


    Mobile App Development


  • “Ryan’s commitment to excellence, technical expertise, thirst for knowledge and unparalleled humility allow him to be one of the most respected and well–liked individuals you’ll ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with.”

  • “Ryan is not only a technology genius but he’s also a leader and that’s a hard combination to find in this business.”

  • “He can go from talking detailed technical information with a developer to explaining a solution to a non-technical client to interfacing with the creative team without skipping a beat…and with everyone following along. Ryan’s a phenomenal asset to any team and makes good great and great outstanding.”

  • “It is refreshing to collaborate with Ryan as he does an awesome job challenging my ideas to make sure the best possible solution is achieved … the process of execution established by Ryan has created a department which continually produces successful projects.”

  • “To sum it up, Ryan is an incredibly skilled and knowledgable developer. He’s open to exploring new ideas/technology and able to step in when needed to get the job done. I look forward to working with him in the near future.”